Molly Monkey

When I was 12 or so, my dad signed me up for sewing lessons during the summer.  Sears Sewing School in downtown San Antonio.  I remember going to the sewing section and picking out all my supplies. I had a wicker basket with pink fabric and it held all the tools I would need to start my new craft.  I remember the sewing room being cold and I was the youngest person there. We went through sewing basics.  How to thread a machine, sew simple stitches and cutting patterns. That part was not so difficult. Our summer project was a summer dress of course. I picked a blue and white gingham fabric.  I have since questioned my fabric choice. I am so not a fan of blue and white gingham. Anyone ever see me in it? Nope. Never.

I pinned my pattern to the fabric and began sewing away. I really had no problems with it at all. Well, I thought I had no problems until I was required to turn it right side out. Then I realized there was trouble. I sewed the entire piece wrong sides together. Nice.  Even better was that I had to model it for the class. Yes, pretty plus girl in a blue and white gingham dress inside out. As Tim Gunn would say…”Make it Work!”

I was blog browsing and came along this sweet site Larissa is a local girl. Shout out to the Atl! She has wonderful, creative crafts on her blog and she shares them so graciously. It was on her site that I saw Molly the sweetest little Monkey and knew right away I wanted a Molly of my own. I printed the pattern, which you can find here.

I can sew. I went to Sears Sewing School. I have sewed once in 30 years and that was a pillow. Straight stitches. The pillow came out great. This should be no problem! I went to JoAnn’s to pick up my supplies. It took me over an hour just to pick the fabric! I spent a Friday night cutting out the pattern, cutting fabric and setting up my 1958 Kenmore Sewing Machine. (It belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I am lucky to have it!)

I had a wonderful time with the project. I learned new skills. Bias tape? Yup. I know what that is. I will say the seam ripper was my best friend during this project. (Thanks Betty!)

I photographed the entire process of course and yes as always I have entirely too many photos but it was an opportunity to work on camera skill as well and work it I did!

Thanks again to mmmcrafts for this wonderful Molly Pattern!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here’s Molly!

Believe in yourself, Motivate yourself, Congratulate yourself.

It’s all good.



  1. Really like this site, would you mind if I link to it from my blog?

  2. Good work here… effort definately pays off as you have a ncie site

  3. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

  4. Love the Mollster!

  5. Well, shout out to you in the ATL, too! I love your colorful Molly, and thanks for the kind words about my blog and the pattern. I had to laugh at your first sewing experience. I still make rookie mistakes sometimes. Just goofy that way!


  1. [...] peep with a wonderful blog mmmcrafts. I made my first Molly in August 2009. You can take a peek here to see how I made her. She received many oohhhs, and ahhhs from family members and I have many more [...]

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