Third Eyelid in Cats

My cats are my loves. All four of them. My husband saved me from being that “crazy old cat woman” and I don’t go as far as collecting all things cat related or wear cat clothing. I know many cat lovers that do it’s just not my thing. 5 years or so ago I had one cat. Toby Cat. I was very content with my one kitty and really had no plans for another cat. One afternoon I came home from work and walked into the kitchen just like every other night. I hear the kids coming down the stairs and giggles then a Meow. Not my big Toby Cat meow, the soft, high meow of a BABY cat. After the “Mom, we found her in a ditch” abandoned story and the cute white fur ball in front of me with no home, I easily caved and we have Mia. I still refer to her as Baby Cat though she is a mother who had two kittens which is why I now have four cats. Four is my limit…..for now….

Anyhoo, a few weeks ago while I was getting ready for bed I did my cat check. Making sure all four were in the house for the night. Yes, 3 of them sleep in our bed. Yes, I wash the bedding all the time and I have an air purifier in my room. I have to do all that. Did I mention I am ALLERGIC to cats? Crazy huh? I ‘ll talk about my allergy treatments another time. They really do work! So back to my cat check….All four cats inside. Mia, comes to hop onto my lap for t.v. before bed time and her face is right in my eyes and I see this….

Her eye was looking in the wrong direction! I love her but CREEPY! I grabbed my camera phone from the bedside table and snapped this photo. I yelled downstairs to my husband and tried to breathe as I was a TAD bit freaked out. After further inspection I could see small scratches around her nose and ears. Cat fight! Bah! My sweet kitty.

I took her to the Vet the next day and turns out that she has a protrusion of the Third Eyelid. All these years with cats and I just found out about this Third Eyelid? I  searched Google for more information and read that the third eyelid (TE) is usually retracted beneath the eyelids and barely noticeable. The ability to move the TE is involuntary in most animals; however, cats have some control over the movement of this membrane. Mia had a prolapse in her third eyelid due to a scratch. Interesting?! Our Vet the Awesome Dr. Woods, gave her an antibiotic shot, and eye ointment which we have to put in her eye three times a day.

This is Mia on the stairs a few days ago. She is looking much better and now that I know about the Third Eyelid, I am not so freaked out.

The two photos above are Mia from last month. She is a beauty and even though her eye is just a bit gimpy right now, she’s still my lovely Baby Cat and hopefully soon she will be back to 100%!

It’s all good ~ Donna