Spreading Sunshine

I started blogging back in late August as a creative outlet and a way for my family to catch a glimpse of the everyday things I do in life. With the majority of my family living in Texas it’s a great way to share my world here in Georgia. My blogging experience has been so wonderful. More than I expected! I have come across so many strong, creative, lovely people. All of who I would have never known about without the power of the internet. This has been a blessing. Two of my favorite blogger friends are Wendy aka Kiss that frog and Adele aka DillypooChatter. Both of these lovelies are from Texas so of course I hold them in the highest regards! They both stop by my little space in the world and leave sweet comments that make me smile and that’s a great thing!

Wendy’s sister Erin sent her a Sunshine Blog Award which of course she deserved! Wendy posts regularly and shares awesome recipes with great photos that make you want to try them all to get a bite! She shares sweet stories of her husband and beautiful daughter. I check her blog daily to catch up with her. Wendy is so kind and she passed the blog award onto me! So unexpected and such a nice treat!

To pay this forward I pass this along to DillyPoo! She makes me giggle with her witty take on life.  I enjoy reading of her life adventures with her man who she refers to as   “The Professor”. Stop by both of these beautiful ladies blogs for a visit. You will be glad you did!

Wendy and Adele, thanks so much for the support and kind words. We all must meet one day on one of my trips home to Texas for a grand girl’s gathering. Whataburger anyone??

It’s all good ~ Donna