Decorative Magnets

Long gone are the days when the outside of my refrigerator was filled with my boy’s artwork. These days I keep it pretty simple with a few magnets from trips we have taken and a few family photos on the side all neatly arranged in magnetic frames. Every once in awhile there is an important note I want to keep in sight as those who know me, know all too well that I am very good about keeping important documents, I just don’t always remember where I put them! I am working on my organization and in a moments notice I can now find those “Mom you need to sign this for school” papers. For those notes I want in my face, I place on the refrigerator since I know they will only be there a short time. While the notes are not attractive, these decorative magnets sure are.

This is what I used to whip up some decorative magnets. Most of these items I had on hand because I am addicted to JoAnn’s craft store and stock up on items all the time.

Take your favorite decorative paper and use the flat glass marble as a guide for the size of your cut. You can use craft paper, magazines, old calendars, just about anything that inspires you.

Brush the Mod Podge on the back of the marble.

Place your paper with the decorative side down on top of the marble and let dry for a few minutes. It dries pretty quickly and when you flip the piece over and the Mod Podge turns from white to clear, you know it’s good to go.

Hot glue a magnet on the back. You want to make sure the magnets you buy are large and thick enough to hold up the papers when you place the magnet on top. I used super strong ceramic magnets .75 in and they work just fine.

I hot glued a scrapbook tag to this one. This was my son’s future. A Smokey Mountain getaway!

It’s all good, and for my son, it’s really good! ~ Donna