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A condition peculiar to high school seniors, hence the subword “senior” in senioritis. Symptoms include a general apathy towards classes, homework, future i.e. college applications, restlessness and a “cannot do” attitude to surmountable school load.

Guess who has a High School Senior in her house? What  a long week this has been! No blogging time for momma. Last week was Senior Week at my son’s high school. Every day there were Senior events leading up to the weekend of Prom. Parent’s had the option of creating a senior stip to go on their child’s locker.

Step one, purchase locker. My son does not use one so we did not buy one. $3 dollars later and we had a locker. Second step, sort through 18 years of his life in photos! What a job that was! I started on the bottom of his strip with pictures of when he was born and filled the space all the way up to Senior year. Yes, that took hours!!

So many photos and not enough room!

Whew! All done and I love this Senior Strip idea! It stays up through graduation and then it’s a great keepsake which will hang in his room! Have you seen this done before? My older son did not have this project for Senior year but I was happy to have completed this project for my Andrew. My baby who will graduate on May 27th. Tissues Please.

It’s all good. ~ Donna


Hipstamatic iPhone App

I have discovered the coolest photography application for the iPhone! Hipstamatic. It has made using my iPhone camera so fun and I find myself using it instead of the regular camera feature.

The cost of the app is $1.99 and there are options to buy different lenses and films. It’s really easy to use. When you purchase the app it will load an icon on your iPhone screen and you will use that icon to take a photo instead of using your camera option. When you click the Hipstamatic icon, the photo above is what it will look like on your phone screen. If you click the film button on the left it will give you options to change the photo for different looks. If you slide your finger across the camera lens, you change the lens type. Photos taken in Hipstamatic can be downloaded directly to Facebook, Flicker or emailed. SWEET! The shopping cart is to make purchases for more lenses or film types. Most run .99! Good buy for so much fun!

Kodot Verichrome is a film option which will put a rough edge around your photo and add a vintage look to your prints.  Here are a few samples of Kodot Verichome…

Lens: John S
Film: Kodot Verichrome
Flash: Off

Lens: John S
Film: Kodot Verichrome
Flash: Standard

Hipstamatic also has different lens features. I prefer the John S lens which I used for the two photos above. It has a camera flash setting that will brighten a photo for you as well.

Lens: John S
Film: BlacKeys B+W
Flash: Off

I love the BlacKeys B + W film! It gives your photos a monotone look and stamps the month and date on the side of your print. Cute!

It even makes a colander look interesting!

I LOVE what it did with these Diner Stools!

Regular photo using the iPhone camera. Boring photo of a  parrot in a liquor store. Yes, there was a parrot in a liquor store we stopped in!

Jazzing things up with Hipstamatic!

Haha! Finish! Perfect for the end of this post. I am crazy about this app. Give it a try! You will love it too!

It’s all good. ~ Donna