Photo Collage using Picnik

I am a fan of ¬†Photo Collages. When you take over 200 photos of your son’s Senior Prom, they are a GREAT way to group the special moments together for display. I am slowly learning to use Photoshop but a real quick and easy way for me to create a quick collage is by using Picnik. Picnik is a wonderful FREE photo editing site that is so simple and fun to use! They offer many features for post processing photos and allow you to correct images, frame them, add text or cute stickers. They offer advanced options for $24.95 a year which I find to be a great deal for all the use I get from it. Take a peek at Picnik and have fun with it!

There are so many different collage options with different frame setups. All I did to create the collage was drag the photos I wanted into the boxes and picked the color of the border and the spacing between the photos.

I used the Polaroid Action for this set.

Polaroid again. This is one of my favorite actions. Thanks to my son Andrew and his girlfriend Chelsea for being such great sports as Mom clicked away. Senior Prom 2010. If you are looking for a simple post editing software I highly recommend using Picnik. If you give it a try and have any questions just let me know and I’d be happy to help you out!

It’s all good. ~Donna


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