Weekly Winners

I am very excited to join “Weekly Winners”. It is the creation of Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom. Every week from Sunday to Saturday you take photos, pick your favorites and post them on her site to share. It’s a great idea and it encourages me to take my camera everywhere I go. I discovered Weekly Winners from visiting one of my favorite photographers Mishelle Lane aka Secret Agent Mama. This will be a good thing since I’ll be taking a lot more photos and practicing with my action sets knowing I have to post on Sunday. I have photos from weeks ago I have not gotten to yet! Thank you Lotus and Thank you Mishelle.

Yes Please.

At the office.

Living in the ATL!

Saturday Morning Coffee.

Weekend Project.

Afternoon Delight!

To see more weekly winners please click here!

It’s all good. ~Donna


  1. Wonderful pictures all of them. But I want number one

  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I am so happy to join you and look forward to all the weeks ahead. Looking through the photos you all shared this week is an inspiration!

  3. welcome to Weekly Winners! you have a great eye-taking every day things and looking at them from a different angle.

  4. Welcome to Weekly Winners!!! I’m already crazy about your photos… the first two are my favorites, but I truly am impressed with all of them.

  5. Oooh, that McCafe looks good. It’s been so hot around here!

    I love the shots you have! What great and clear closeups! I wish my camera could take such clear shots like that.

  6. How fun! I sure could go for a mojito now – yummy!

    Your pictures are always so sharp and clear. The I love spreadsheets is so funny! I need a sticker like that for work. 🙂

  7. Mmm, mojitos. It also looks beautiful!

  8. I love mojitos!

  9. That first picture is making my mouth water!!! Love it and love summer!!!

  10. Love your paint color choice! All your pictures look fun 🙂

  11. Oh… that first shot looks very refreshing, especially in this Florida heat.

    Welcome to Weekly Winners… you have a lovely collection of shots this week.

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