Food Blog Forum ~ Part One~ Atlanta Friday Social!

This past Friday my husband and I attended the Friday Social to kick off the  Food Blog Forum’s Atlanta Seminar!

The evening event was held at the The Viking Store and let me say that this place was sweet! We were greeted by Diane Cu and Todd Porter from White on Rice Couple. They have the best smiles! They handed us our badges for the events and we made our way through the store.

These are a few of the lovelies I spotted as we walked through. I was like a kid in a candy store. So many pretty, shiny, cooking tools all whispering to me “so nice to see you, now please take me home”.

A few of the lovely attendees, some who are sipping sweet wine provided by Montaluce, a local winery.  With wine in our hands we walked around the store and came upon this..

A cooking demo! Freshly made Fettucini pasta with a mushroom sauce. Divine!

Chef Donna from the Viking Cooking School rounded up some volunteers to make 34 calorie turkey dumplings. 34 calories?! That’s my husband pinching away. She will be sending us the recipe and I am looking forward to creating some of these tasty dumplings at home.

The dumplings were a huge hit!

During the dumpling tasting I peeked out the window and through the cook book display I see one of our hosts, the sweet Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen! She was laughing and smiling the whole night. She has an amazing energy and really lights up the room.

After the dumplings we picked up another glass of wine and headed to see  local Chef Kevin Rathbun present and prepare two appetizers for the group. We have enjoyed dinner at  Rathbun’s restaurant and it was a real treat to hear him speak and share cooking stories. He described the process involved in the preparation to cure bacon. He was very funny and entertaining! A small chunk of bacon was served and it was a bit spicy and had a little heat to it. It was served on a skewer with a small chunk of watermelon which had the perfect coolness and it was delicious! Next, he prepared roasted pork belly tacos.  They were so good we both had two!

Dessert?! Yes, please! I enjoyed lady fingers with bananas foster on top. The second dessert choice was a shortcake with strawberries and basil whip cream. I had never heard of basil whip cream. Have you? It was really refreshing!

Gotta love my husband’s face in this photo!

The Viking Store offered a discount for attendees so I came home with two new lovelies who called out to me louder than a whisper. A sweet mini-muffin pan and a small scoop for those dumplings I hope to make soon.

The entire evening was wonderful! Great food, refreshing beverages, and great company!

Thanks to our hosts and Gwen Pratesi of for a memorable evening!

Part II, Saturday Seminar coming soon!

It’s all good. ~ Donna


  1. What a great recap of the kick-off party! I am glad that you have a nice time! It was fun, wasn’t it?! Gwen

  2. MMMM that looks good and like a lot of fun!

    You have been awarded the “One Lovely Blog Award” on my blog.

    ~ Missy


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