Happy 4th of July! Cheers America!

All images taken with my Canon 40D using my 24-70mm lens. Camera set on tripod using a remote shutter release cable. 2-4 second exposure time, f/7-f/11. ISO 100. I kept playing around but stayed within those settings. This was my first time attempting to shoot fireworks with this set-up.  I am happy with the results! For a great tutorial on shooting fireworks, visit Mishelle Lane aka Secret Agent Mama.

It’s all good. ~ Donna


  1. These are fantastic!!!

    I don’t do a lot of night photography.
    Thanks for the link. Funny I had someone
    call me over the fourth wanting to know
    how to shoot fireworks! I’ll be passing it along.

  2. So awesome! I wish I would have brought my tripod with me, up to Buffalo.

    Your firework shots are awesome!!

  3. Aunt Christine says:

    Very nice pictures. Happy 4th of July

  4. Those are great! Unfortunately, it’s too hot here to go watch fireworks. We’ll be staying in tonight, so I’m especially pleased to see these pictures!

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