How to Make a Monogram Cake Topper

I know many brides that like to add a little bling to their wedding and when my son and his beauty were discussing the cake decor I suggested a monogram wedding cake topper. I had made one for my wedding and I loved the sparkle it added plus I still have it as a favorite keepsake.

Here is my wedding cake with the topper I made for our lovely wedding day in October 2007.

I searched my wedding details book for the information on where I purchased the cake topper and while I seem to have every other detail, I could not find the retailer I purchased the initials from. I did a search on the world wide web and came across Koyal Wholesale. While I did find many other retailers that offered monogram cake toppers, most offered toppers with the crystals already in place and they were very pricey.  Pricey as in $34.00 to $99.00 per initial. I had made mine for a whole like less and I wanted to do this myself as a gift to the kids.

Koyal Wholesale is a large wedding and event supply company. They offer many products including wedding favors, lights, curtains, paper lanterns, candles and so much more. They sell the initial monogram cake toppers I was looking for at an amazing price of $4.99 for a 3inch silver mirror initial. This was a super happy find for me. I originally wanted a large S as I had planned on the single last name initial but the S was sold out and had been for a few months. It is still sold out as I checked their site today. I decided to go with their first name initial with the & in the middle.

I purchased the 3 inch Silver Mirrored Monogram Cake Topper  first name initials and a 2.5 inch  Silver Mirrored Monogram Cake Topper “&” symbol. The crystals I picked up at Jo-Ann’s Craft Store when they had a half off sale and they cost me $8.00 for both packages. I had the Aleene’s Jewel-It from my wedding project. You can also find that at Jo-Ann’s or any craft store for around $3. The total for the cake topper pieces from Koyal Wholesale was $14.97 and the FedEx home delivery was $12.61. The grand total for the topper including all that is necessary to make it was  $38.58.  That was about the same price of one initial I could have purchased from other retailers.

Each bag of crystals had 85 pieces in them. I had just enough to complete the topper.

I  applied the Jewel-It to the mirror piece and used a toothpick to spread it out a bit.

The tweezers came in handy to place the crystals on the glue. I used the toothpick again to remove some of the excess glue around the crystals once I had them in place.

Tada! Here is the complete set. They are not completely dry here as you can see some of the glue on the right side of the A but the glue does dry clear and you can’t see it once it dries for a day or so.

I tried to get a shot to show the sparkle but with holding the camera with one hand and the initial with the other, it was not an easy task. They do sparkle though! Again, here the initial is not completely dry.

We don’t have wedding photos from our photographer just yet but this is a snap shot from Dad’s camera phone. I wanted to show you the scale of the initials on the wedding cake.

Another camera phone shot from the mother of the bride. I’ll be updating this post as soon as I get the official wedding photos in. Surprisingly, I do not have a single shot of the cake myself. I must have been wiping tears of joy at this point!

Last shot with my cake cutting photo.

I hope this post helps those DIY’s out their planning weddings or any event where you might like to add a monogram cake topper and some bling to your event.

I will be linking to some great parties this week. Stop by, join the party, and be inspired!

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It’s all good. ~ Donna


  1. Donna – what a beautiful bride you were! And your son and daughter-in-law are a georgeous couple too!

    This is such a neat idea! I had real flowers on my cake (100 years ago) because back then the “in” thing was to have a bride and groom cake topper. Those are great, but they didn’t come in a white bride and a black groom, so we went with flowers. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. I really do enjoy crafting and I’m happy the kids will have a keepsake made from Mom.

  3. Lovely post. You are so creative. thanks for sharing.

  4. You are such a sweet mother-in-law! Funny how a little sparkle makes such a big difference!

  5. They look fabulous and are extra special because you made them! Thanks for sharing.

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