Hello Haven!

I am so excited about the next few days! I am headed to the Haven Conference! Haven is a two day DIY conference that will be held here in Atlanta on June 21st-22nd. The conference sessions will be presented by some of the notable DIY home bloggers in blogland. There will be a good mix of blogging, DIY instruction and social media sessions. There are many DIY bloggers that I have inspired me and I so look forward to meeting them.  Southern HospitalityYoung House Love, Ana White, The Lettered Cottage, Perfectly Imperfect, are just a few of the speakers!

In true DIY style, the cocktail parties will be sponsored by Frog Tape, Oreck, and Rust-Oleum! Chit chatting and networking will be happening. I look forward to all the bloggers I will meet and all the inspiration that will flow my way.

I had a hard time choosing my sessions but I did pick a good mix of Blog Design/Growing my Blog, Basic Carpentry, Advanced Painting, Photo Styling, and Upholstery Basics.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend and a special shout out and thanks to my husband who bought my ticket. That man knows how much I love all things crafty and DIY!

I am getting my camera gear together as I know there will be a whole lot of photo moments! I’ll be posting photos with my iPhone on my Instagram Feed and if you would like to follow along you can find me at dsolzer.

If you have been following along with my blog, you well know that I always close my posts with “It’s all good.”

To be honest, it all hasn’t all been good these last few weeks but I have tried my best to find the good throughout my days. I do know that the next few days WILL be all good, and for that I am very grateful! Thank you for stopping by and following along with My Sweet Things. I really appreciate your lovely, sweet comments.

Cheers! ~ Donna


  1. Good Morning Debra! I think I lost some business cards along the way as well. Next year I need a better system for keeping track of them all! It was so nice to meet you and I enjoyed our conversations. You have a great camera and I am sure you will be working it in no time! Cheers and Happy Day to You!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog because I lost your business card!

    It was so nice meeting you at Haven and I hope I will see you next year. Thanks for sharing some camera info with me, I learned a lot about setting my camera! 🙂

  3. Robyn, Erin, and Jennifer, It was so wonderful to meet you lovely ladies! Haven was so inspiring and meeting so many funny, smart, creative women, was icing on the cake! Cheers!

  4. It was great meeting you at Haven this week! I loved all of the sessions!
    Robyn @ Everyday a la Mode

  5. Hi Donna! It was so great to meet you at Haven. I enjoyed talking with you and look forward to keeping in touch!

    -Erin Spain

  6. Was so great meeting you today at Haven. Wanted to stop by and say hello. And….I say “it’s all good” alllllll the time. So much that one of my friends had it put on a coffee cup for me! LOL. Blessings, Jennifer


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