Add Color with Washi Tape

I must confess I have a bit of an addiction to Washi Tape. If I am at a store or come across a deal online I buy a few rolls because you know it comes in pretty colors and designs and it is such a good price for a decorative item. What is Washi Tape you ask? Well, it is a decorative tape that you can cut, tear and re-position easily!
While I was looking through my craft stash, I came across a plain mirror I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I immediately thought “This piece needs color!” A ¬†quick glance at my washi tape collection and I knew just what the mirror needed. I cut the washi tape and applied it to the inside, top and side of the mirror. Easy and it took less than five minutes! I have pops of orange in my living room and this little bit of color will be a sweet added touch!





Do you have a Washi tape collection? What do you use it for? I have some frames that will get wrapped soon!

Be colorful!

~ Donna



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