31 days ~ March ~ iPhone 365

We have rolled right through March and I enjoyed every day of it!  The 1st was a real treat having dinner with friends and staying out late on  a work night. Late night coffee and sweet conversations with old friends. It was all good! As I look back on the month, I sure do see a lot of our new pup Maggie! You can see on the 2nd I read up on all things puppy, and then on the 3rd she chewed my book. I obviously missed the “they chew books” section. Goodbye Dali book jackets!

Our neighborhood flowers started blooming early this year. Gotta love the warmer temperatures and rain that graced us. Weekend afternoon yard work has begun and I really enjoy the time outdoors. It’s even better with a refreshing beverage on the deck when the yard work is all done! We enjoyed firing up the grill and having meals out on the back deck.

Take a look at the 23rd. I got to see the Hunger Games with Amanda! I loved the book series and enjoyed the movie. Good times!

Towards the end of the month, as I flipped through my camera phone photos, I noticed I did not have very many of the cats. Mother’s guilt set in! I snapped a photo of Mia sitting on my chest while I was reading a book. The cats are still getting use to the idea of having the dog around so they have been keeping more to themselves lately. They are slowly coming around and hopefully, I will be able to have cuddle cat time with the dog near us.

I love the photo a day series. It’s so nice to look back and really appreciate all the lovely days I had. Thank you March for a sweet month!

If you are interested in starting an iPhone photo a day project, iPhone 365 is the app I use. It’s quick and easy free app, and at the end of the month, you get to have a sweet collage like the one above.

It’s all good. ~ Donna

A photography hike at Sope Creek

Friday was a gorgeous day and I felt like the luckiest girl to have the day off. I joined a few Trail Dames for a hike at Sopes Creek in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This hike was a bit different than our normal hikes as the Dames I joined all have a love for photography. Armed with our Canon’s and Nikon’s we hiked a slow pace, taking the time to stop and capture the textures and beauty of the land. It was wonderful, peaceful, and with a stop for reflection on the creek, indeed, I was the luckiest.

“Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness.” ~ Lois Kauffman

It’s all good. ~ Donna

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