Bedroom Update!

I have been  working on changing our bedroom up a bit. I decorated the switch plates that you can see here. I painted the room and with the help of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I switched out the gold accents!

Here’s that gold mirror that I have had for years.

Curtain rods that have been hanging around for years as well.


After! That chair is there to help me hang those curtains. I really want a chaise lounge chair for that corner! Love that ORB on the curtain rods and the mirror trim.  The room is almost done with just a few more decorative touches but take a look at this….

The paint color before! Paint makes a huge difference! I used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. It is a paint and primer in one.  Love that paint! It took only one coat to cover this dark red. It was $32 for a gallon and I used 1 whole gallon and less than a half of another. Good deal!

I love the warmth of the new color. It’s called Peanut Butter. There is more work to be done but it’s all good!