Again with that Oil Rubbed Bronze!

ORB my new decorative BFF and I got busy again and worked some more magic on our Bedroom mini makeover. Thank you Krylon for this fabulous color. Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Go get yourself some!   

This bedside table I have had for almost 15 years. It has been hanging out in the basement for some time and I knew one day it would make a comeback!

Before and after with two coats of ORB.

This picture of “The Kiss” I have also had for years and it has been hanging out in a closet. See the pattern here? I hold onto things for a long time!

ORB and now it fits in my bedroom color scheme. Those wall words I picked up at Kohl’s on clearance for $3.98 over Christmas. Gotta love the clearance section!

These wall sconces were pulled out of a cabinet and were a flat black color.

The ORB gives them a little shine. I added the beads to cheer them up a bit!

Blank wall before…

And After!

This photo has a better view of the side tables. I purchased wooden serving trays and placed them on top of the glass for more texture. I am not fond of the tint of the glass and would like to paint it. Anyone have any ideas on that?  I am very happy with the new look of the bedroom. I am most happy with the fact that I had all these items around the house and with a few simple changes I love them all over again! Still a few more touches to go on the bedroom. You can see some of the other bedroom changes here and here.

It’s all good. ~ Donna

Bedroom Update!

I have been  working on changing our bedroom up a bit. I decorated the switch plates that you can see here. I painted the room and with the help of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I switched out the gold accents!

Here’s that gold mirror that I have had for years.

Curtain rods that have been hanging around for years as well.


After! That chair is there to help me hang those curtains. I really want a chaise lounge chair for that corner! Love that ORB on the curtain rods and the mirror trim.  The room is almost done with just a few more decorative touches but take a look at this….

The paint color before! Paint makes a huge difference! I used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. It is a paint and primer in one.  Love that paint! It took only one coat to cover this dark red. It was $32 for a gallon and I used 1 whole gallon and less than a half of another. Good deal!

I love the warmth of the new color. It’s called Peanut Butter. There is more work to be done but it’s all good!